Rufus use internal harddisk


USE Alt+F or Ctrl+Alt+F

AltF – Enable fixed disk detection (v1.3.4 or earlier)/Enable USB HDD detection (v1.4.0 or later):

This is the same as enabling List fixed (non flash) or unpartitioned USB disks (v1.3.4 or earlier) or List USB Hard Drives (v1.4.0 or later) in the advanced options. This UNSUPPORTED mode will let Rufus detect and format USB drives such as USB HDDs, which it doesn’t do by default. The reason this is disabled by default is that it can be a potentially risky operation when Rufus is used by non technical-savvy people. For instance, if someone also keeps an USB HDD as a backup drive, and plug an USB Flash Drive, they may inadvertently end up formatting their HDD and lose valuable data. If you use Rufus with this option enabled, you are on your own!

If you REALLY want to try to play with internal drives, there is a non-publicized cheat mode (CtrlAltF — be mindful that this is not the same as AltF) that may list internal drives, such as SATA and so on, provided they have been set as REMOVABLE by your BIOS or UEFI firmware. For instance, this cheat mode should let Rufus list properly configured eSATA drives, that you may have plugged into your motherboard.


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